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Operations Calendar Sign Up DKP Points

Acaadi, Mar 20, 12 3:37 AM.
​You will now earn DKP for signing up and being confirmed as an alternate or confirmed slot for our Operations!

This will make it easier to put the groups together on time and get them rolling in a much timelier fashion if we have everyone sign up.

If you are going to be late, please leave a comment in the operation comments section stating the reason and how long you will be.

Here is how it works:

1. If you sign up for an operation, be available.  You will be notified whether you will be attending as a participant, or an alternate.

2. If you are a participant, you get the 5 DKP if you show up on time.

3. If you are an alternate, you get 5 DKP every hour that you are available as an alternate.  You can only be an alternate if you are not designated for another group.

Please start becoming more active and involved on our website, it makes things oh so much better =)


Acaadi, Mar 19, 12 9:01 PM.
With Sev'rance's group 2 close behind, we battled it out against Soa to complete our HARDMODE content!  Great job Group 1 you guys did an outstanding job!

With that said, Nightmare is just around the corner for us and I have no doubt we are there.  Lets get it done people!!

Patch Notes for SW:ToR Patch 1.2!!!

Acaadi, Mar 17, 12 9:20 PM.

New DKP System has been chosen!!!

Acaadi, Mar 14, 12 5:37 AM.
With the popular vote choosing the open bidding style, and the Dark Council leaning the same way, we have chosen to go with the open bidding system for our loot distribution. 

Please visit the DKP section of the website to review the rules so you know exactly how it works.  Thanks everyone for participating!

DKP Loot System Voting

Acaadi, Mar 13, 12 3:42 AM.
Hey everyone, the new DKP systems are posted on the forums!!

Please take the time to read them over and decide on which one you feel would be the most fair for our guild. 

The voting poll is under the resources tab on the left hand side.  Cast your vote so we can implement this system asap.  We will not be resetting the current DKP values as many people have worked very hard to get the totals they have now and to remove their points would be unfair.

- Acaadi
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